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Digital Management of Vast Amounts of Documentation (OCR)

Not only will you be able to effectively manage all of your PDF data and paper documentation once you quickly digitalize it all, you will also be able to rework and reprocess it. Our advanced OCR Engine can automatically distinguish dates, product names, subtotals, etc. on a wide range of documents giving you the data management functions you never had and have always needed.

Maxisus is equipped with a highly functional OCR Engine

When running a company the amount of documentation including contracts, receipts, etc. can take up a lot of valuable space. However, if you computerize everything and put it in an archive, you can smoothly manage all of your documents. Moreover, by simply scanning documents, our AI functions can automatically distinguish dates, products, prices, etc., so that you can instantly reprocess the data if needed.

Database Creation

After you have digitalized all of your paper documentation and PDF documents you will be able to search, reprocess or analyze them in your newly customized database.

When the management of documents becomes complicated, a digitalized database which can be logically managed would be ideal. That’s why a digitalized database which can not only meet the needs of your business, but be freely worked with will be a major benefit to your company. The digitalized data will be automatically categorized, searchable, extractable, traceable, etc.

Confirmation and Comparison of Converted Data

You can save time on having to manually confirm that information was updated or that graphs were altered as you designated.

In manufacturing when running a plant with large machinery, you often have to update existing information and graphs depending on customer requests, updated specs or modified parts. You may also have to check drawings or schematics based on updated standards or regulations. Checking all of this will take a massive amount of time and yet you still haven’t found a way to effectively handle these cases.

Management of Data Sets

You can organize a plurality of differential data through the creation of document sets

When extracting data about a specific product from a flood of documents, often there can be an overwhelming amount of related documents as well. However, with our system you can put all of these into one set and manage them in a database record. You will then be easily able to search the database for efficient differential data management.

Multi-device Utilization

Our system can be accessed and utilized through a PC application, on the Web and on your mobile device.

For when you are in the office, using our PC application will make business management run much more smoothly. On the other hand, when you are out of the office and need to confirm information, or you’d like the system to be accessible to a large number of people you can utilize our web and mobile application. Being able to utilize our system through multiple devices will make overall system management and usage extremely efficient.

Feature Highlights

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